Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture

Carole Boyce Davies, General Editor
Babacar M’Bow, Managing Editor

In the last 500 years, African people have continuously established communities across the globe. Their adaptations to new cultures and the changes they brought about in their new lands—political, economic, and cultural—are the subject of this exhaustive encyclopedia.

The purpose of the encyclopedia is to provide in one place a well-documented and readily accessible body of information about the most important historical, political, economic and cultural relations between people of African descent and the world community:

  • Where are African people located around the world?
  • What connects such a diverse group of people and wide ranging locations, across time and space?
  • How have they impacted and been impacted by their environments?
  • What cultural forms have they created and re-created?
  • What have been their political movements and major political actors?